Two weeks in

I am two weeks into my new "Exercise every day but Friday" habit-forming adventure. So far I missed one day (a Saturday) but figured that was justifiable because I was 100% on the go (including lots of walking) all day and was exhausted (I have Crohn's which can be tiring but anyone would have been tired after that day).

They say it takes three weeks to really form a habit so I am really trying to not miss a day until that point (and even then I better have a really good excuse).

Here are some general observations:

  • No one is as active as they think (except athletes).
  • Exercising "enough" is only possible if you want to do it and it is easy to do it. I have chosen to exercise at home (I have machines for cardio and focusing on using my own body weight for strength training) so that I have no excuse not to do it. If it is 10pm and I haven't worked out (this came up last week) I can still hit the basement and get it done.
  • Starting a workout is easier than thinking about a workout. Just DO IT! If I am tired, I let myself off the hook by saying "just do what you can, give it 10 minutes". Something is better than nothing. I usually end up finishing the workout.
  • I am not focusing on eating much. I am always trying to clean up my diet but it is important to not change too much at once. I am more interested in fitness, the weight loss will come with the increased activity, the diet will improve as I seek to get fitter.
  • If you have arthritis or Crohns exercise MAY help. It has definitely been helpnig me... I am sleeping better, have more energy, and less pain (in general). I did have a really rough night after walking for over an hour the other day but this is to be expected with Sacroiliitis (my latest diagnosis for why my back and everything else hurts).
  • Let's see if I can keep this up for one more week and then I'll be in habit-formed territory. Seeing a 7lbs. weight loss on the scale this morning compared to when I started is a big incentive (I know this can be deceptive).

Finally, I just want to say that if you have been in shape but are out of shape, just get moving and get back in shape! I feels really good and your body will remember all your moves! :) Even if you have health problems, you can do something. Talk to your doctor and see what is safe. Sure, I am in pain after workouts but I am in pain after I set in an easy chair for 20 minutes too! Which option do you think will lessen the severity and frequency of pain in the long run?


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