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Health and Fitness (what it's like having neither!)

Here are some health and fitness updates: Moh's surgery    After finding out I had basal cell carcinoma on my right ear, I had Moh's surgery. That was on Wednesday. Now it's Saturday and I have had a cold since Friday morning. No one else in my home has a cold. The ONLY place I have been for over a week is that clinic, a pharmacy where the staff were masked, and a small convenience store near by to purchase a snack. Anyway, I've got that going for me. I had a great nap today and it seemed to help. For anyone dealing with post surgery wound care, I really would would say to check out this video: Reviewing it let me really take care of the dressing on my own. I have incisions running in two directions as well as a central area where the actual tumor was so there's a bit of ground to cover. My dressing today went really well and it looks pretty tidy, considering I did it myself using a hand mirror for reference. Dietary chang

UFOs in the news

What a strange time to be alive. I really think the world keeps getting "weirder" as I get older and I am not sure if that is just how every person sees things as they age, or if our stretch of time really is the strangest time to be alive so far.  It started in 2017 with the NYT article about UFOs ( link) . I read the article, reviewed the videos, and checked out the UFOs chatter on Reddit. Why? Well, several years ago, I saw an extremely bright green meteor that had a lot of nickle in it streak low across the sky and off to the horizon when I was out in the yard with my dog. It was low enough that I heard it sizzle ( This really freaked me out. It lit the area up like the day. It was "otherworldly". I became obsessed with understanding what I had seen. Over the course of time, I eventually found out this was a fairly common meteorite burning up and the nickle caused the green flame.