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Productivity System

Just wanted to blog some major points about my personal productivity system in under 5 minutes before I start work. Note: you may see GTD-like terms but my system is not really strict GTD, I have just borrowed some good ideas: For a PDA, I use a Timex Datalink USB watch and some software I wrote to convert my Google calendar to appointments I can load into the watch. It is mostly "read only" during the day but works fine for me. I can see my schedule and contacts; I can get reminders and alarms; and if I don't have paper and pen on me I can take notes (text entry is really not that bad on it for small notes). Ubiquitous capture: I normally carry some 3x5, unlined index cards around in a snack-size ziploc (just fits) and also carry a pen (both in my pants pocket normally). At the end of the day or week or whatever I "process" them. I will often keep grocery lists, important todo checklists, etc. on there as well and occasionally will leave them on my computer