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Finally got 1000' spool of paracord I ordered a couple months back. Now I just need to learn to wrap stuff properly: I can't wait to use this to hang my hammock instead of the bulky rope I have been using.


I am getting back into exercising and eating better slowly but surely. I got a good walk in with the dogs after work and pushups and planks before work.

Another nice Fall Morning

Just sitting on the couch enjoying the morning before I have breakfast.

Running makes you smart

Highlights of visit to NYC so far

We've been in NYC 3 days and there've been several highlights: - seeing an on-foot police chase that led into a subway - watching the sun go down from The Top of the Rock - saw Sex and The City 2 filming in progress - stood about 15' from Obama's motorcade as he drove down 6th and Broadway (or there-a-about) Currently googling for a good sushi place. We've walked about 15 miles in the last couples days!

Hotel Room Blog

We spent some time driving around the outskirts of Boston tonight. I have to say the GPS is making this trip much easier for me as navigator and laminated maps with dry-erase markers are the best thing ever. I accidentaly broke the suction cup gps mount (long story) so I picked up one that mounts on the air vent cover and clamps the device in. So far I've been very happy with it after initially being concerned it was too flimsy.