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Doing OK

I got really sick a while ago and it took a while to get better. It was just a cold that merged into a flu but it was my first with the ostomy. Not to get too graphic but the diarrhea was crazy. Just water filling my pouch every 20 minutes. And I kept drinking to stay hydrated. This was a mistake. It fueled the process. I had this happen twice before but it was flushing something I ate that was irritating the intestinal tract. This was different and that night after work, exhausted, I did some research. Turns out you need to sip fluid (Gatorade) and eat foods that will dry your output out. Once I figured this out I was on the road to recovery. Took two days before I could drink normally without triggering more watery output. All better now. Was a thirsty time, though.


Not much to report. Ostomy problems continue but the wound seems to be healing which is more than I had originally hoped for when I first boosted the ET nurse. Better news is that my MD cleared me to stop taking blood pressure medication. I guess losing 30lbs and getting off Celebrex really can make a big difference. In auto news I topped up our power steering fluid tonight in a Canadian Tire parking lot. It made the crazy whining while steering go away but I am worried the system is leaking. I'll check the levels soon.

One year

Our child in one year old as of this most recent Friday. This is amazing. Looking back on the part year I can't tell which part was the best. Each day had something new to marvel at. He is now done with formula so in addition to his birthday I am celebrating not have to constant wash baby bottles.

Reddit has jumped the shark

Ok, I'm officially ashamed of reddit now. I never go to the front page. There are a few subreddits I follow and that's about it. But this morning I went to /r/all and it is just this mess of swastikas and nudity. Why? Because a small minority of immature users did not like the decision that an executive made to remove hate speech groups from the site. This is crazy. First: you can find so many places to behave like a childish moron on the web. 4chan comes to mind. So take your hate speech there and get off reddit. Second: by harming reddit you are destroying what you claim to be trying to save. This whole vilification of the reddit CEO is ridiculous and childish. Please find a more constructive way to express displeasure when something you don't pay for changes in a way you don't like. Maybe complain to you parents or something?

Tai Chi

I attended my first class at the local Tai Chi meeting place tonight and it was great. I feel really good. Like really good. I have been practicing a bit at home but class has a way of really stretching everything out. There are many different skill levels and personalities in the class. It seems like a really good group and there were lots of people there from the weekend beginner class I went to two weeks ago. I have some pretty major issues with my neck, spine, and other joints and this really gets everything working correctly. So more Dan Yus!


This morning will be my first pouch change some seeing the ET nurse and learning what she thinks is wrong with me. I have special dressing materials to use over the wound and this is also the first time I'll be using those. I am nervous about seeing what is going on there since the two times I have done this so far there was a lot of bleeding, soreness, and it has gotten much larger. With any luck, though, the dressing has helped... I'll see shortly. On a happier note we are going to see Spy Movie this afternoon and the having some dinner with my family. This will be a very relaxing day overall. Ok, time to do some dan yus. Edit: ok so the sore looks bad but about the same as Wednesday. I think the silvercell and the seal are keeping it from getting worse. The sealing didn't come off easily but I guess that means there isn't a ton of drainage. This is definitely looking like the Pyoderma Gang. that she thought it was if the internet is to be believed


So tai chi weekend was great and I've been practicing each night. Another thing I've done is cut out eating after bed. This seems to have relaunched my weight loss but at a more state pace which I am fine with. In ostomy land all is not so well. I have some kind of sore that is developing behind our just under the stoma paste and is quite large and deep. Very sore. I am at the ET clinic now to have it and a few other issues looked at. Hopefully they can help me help with this. I am sure they can. Edit - it is a Parastomal hernia and some crazy skin thing I need to see a specialist for. Sigh. At least I'm otherwise healthy!