Reddit has jumped the shark

Ok, I'm officially ashamed of reddit now. I never go to the front page. There are a few subreddits I follow and that's about it. But this morning I went to /r/all and it is just this mess of swastikas and nudity. Why? Because a small minority of immature users did not like the decision that an executive made to remove hate speech groups from the site.

This is crazy.

First: you can find so many places to behave like a childish moron on the web. 4chan comes to mind. So take your hate speech there and get off reddit.

Second: by harming reddit you are destroying what you claim to be trying to save.

This whole vilification of the reddit CEO is ridiculous and childish. Please find a more constructive way to express displeasure when something you don't pay for changes in a way you don't like. Maybe complain to you parents or something?


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