This morning will be my first pouch change some seeing the ET nurse and learning what she thinks is wrong with me. I have special dressing materials to use over the wound and this is also the first time I'll be using those. I am nervous about seeing what is going on there since the two times I have done this so far there was a lot of bleeding, soreness, and it has gotten much larger. With any luck, though, the dressing has helped... I'll see shortly.

On a happier note we are going to see Spy Movie this afternoon and the having some dinner with my family. This will be a very relaxing day overall.

Ok, time to do some dan yus.

Edit: ok so the sore looks bad but about the same as Wednesday. I think the silvercell and the seal are keeping it from getting worse. The sealing didn't come off easily but I guess that means there isn't a ton of drainage. This is definitely looking like the Pyoderma Gang. that she thought it was if the internet is to be believed


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