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Annie Jacobsen interviewed by Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman Podcast: #420 – Annie Jacobsen: Nuclear War, CIA, KGB, Aliens, Area 51, Roswell & Secrecy Episode webpage: Media file:   Normally, not a huge fan of Lex as I find he can be kind of like a spaced out frat boy half the time and a little disrepectful to guests at other times.    He does have interesting guests on from time to time, though, so I do continue to keep him sub'd in the old podcast app.   This was a really interesting exploration of the intelligence community and the UAP subject with Anni Jacobsen. She's been writing about the intelligence community for a very long time and has some really interesting perspectives.    No, she won't tell you UFOs are real. If you think they are, that's up to you, but give her take a listen, it's very eye openin

Life: controlling my inputs

Yesterday I uninstalled all my Lemmy apps, and Reddit, and Bluesky (this one because I wasn't using it, anyway).  This isn't a "I closed my accounts" post. I still have them but I needed a break. I am a frequenter of two kinds of forums for lack of a better term: * the first is forums where I am talking to people who have the same interests as me. In practical sense this happens to be my chronic health issues (giving and getting advice and support) and also things relevant to hobbies and interests. * the second kind is mostly political stuff in some cases this blends over into the "technology" field. The trigger for me removing my apps was an article about how China was ramping up its semiconductor industry to compensate for the US having export controls and also doing the same ramp up domestically. I pointed out that in several conversations before, people have been unwilling or unable to accept the fact that China could possibly develop an internal semicon