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HRM Gun Violence

With this mornings news that there was a car-to-car shoot out on Main St. in Dartmouth (see Car hit by bullets in Dartmouth; two charged ) it occurred to me that we are in a similar situation I was in when living in Anaheim, CA for a short time in the early-90's. We are living in a city where there are guns being carried by more and more people and the gun violence has become more "public". How should we deal with this? I started learning about this shortly after being mugged at gunpoint in Anaheim. It was intense, terrifying, and generally made me very cautious about venturing out at night for a while. But, like many fears, I overcame this by educating myself. Here are some things I learned: Understand the likelihood of being involved in a gun crime - just because you hear about an incident involving the discharge of a firearm doesn't mean there are bullets flying everywhere. People live their lives in cities that have many times the rate of gun violence we see h

No gym week

Well, it's been a while since I was at the gym. This week I am actually not going on purpose and probably won't get back until Tuesday next week. That's a long time to go without the gym when you've been there 4 or 5 days a week for almost a year. What has changed? I guess I got tired of going every day. That is until Tuesday of this week. I really wanted to go on Tuesday but decided I was "taking the week off". How have I used my extra time each morning: I still seem to wake up at the same early time (early enough to go if I wanted to) and then end up on the couch after feeding the dogs dozing until 7ish. I feel more rested as a result but my body is starting to tighten up/get sore from the lack of exercise. I can see this long-term leading to a return to couch-potatoe status and constant inflammation soreness again (Crohn's related, etc, etc). This week off has made me appreciate the gym even more. I can't wait to get back there next week.

Brain Dump

This is just a generic brain dump so I can relax my brain and get cracking (lots to do at work): - Gym - haven't been going as regularly the last couple of weeks. I think this trend will reverse soon. I let my eating slip, then my energy went with it. I also completely cut out the doctor-suggested supplements although I kept taking my prescriptions (more on this below). - Supplements - For a while now I have been diagnosed with Crohn's. Sometimes I am not sure that is what I "have" as I don't seem to suffer as much as people typically do with it but they call it a mild case. To deal with it and the associated inflammation (feels like Arthritis) I take a variety of supplements and also some meds. Basically I am taking Celebrex and a b.p. pill to counteract the increase b.p. from Celebrex (my b.p. is very respectable). I also take Calcium/Vitamin D and Omega 3 (fish source) supplements as per instructions by my Rheumatologist. As most people know Crohn's a