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Breville 800esxl Foaming Attachment

I have read many reviews of the Breville 800esxl that say "the first thing I did was throw away the milk foaming attachment". And initially I didn't use it either. But the other day after being unsatisfied with the foam I was getting with the bare steam wand and decided to try it. I just jammed it down into the bottom of the steaming cup and waited, according to the Breville instructions. The result: wonderful, tiny bubbled foam. Cleaning the steam wand with the attachment is a bit of extra hassle but worth it for the excellent, easy foam.

Gym Frequency WAY Up

Hi everyone: If you've been following this blog you are both patient and bored. Nevertheless, I thought I would let everyone know that I've been hitting the gym four or five days a week with some people I work with (I go before work). It's been great. I have seen large improvements in my health (been doing this for a month now) and have been sleeping better, eating better, and feeling better. I intend to keep this up and am enjoying it (as opposed to finding it a chore).