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True X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows

Via Lifehacker : True X-Mouse Gizmo for Windows . Now my windows desktop works (almost) like a unix workstation and I am very happy. Sloppy focus means less wear and tear on the wrists.

John's Adventures: John's Background Switcher

I am loving this software... great for different backgrounds on different monitors (Mac and Linux users can do this out of the box, why not Windows?) and for using resources like Flickr for your backgrounds: John's Adventures: John's Background Switcher

Calorie counting site

Ever want to see a DETAILED breakdown of the nutritional attributes of a pork chop? Check it out:

Back on the diet

I am dieting again. :) Read more at the following post: .


freesound :: random sample :: GastownSteamClock.wav OK, this site is really fun. Lots of free samples to use and abuse as ring tones, new mail notifications, and so on.


I am in Montreal. We are going to do some eating. This vacation is much needed. We aren't finding the driving that bad (my lovely s.o. has been here before so she is driving while I obsessively navigate).