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Test post from Google API Sample App

Just testing posting to Blogger with Google API sample app. Trying to learn how to use the Google APIs from .NET for 15 minutes a day (doing this before beginning work on work projects). When doing things like this it is important to set a timer so you don't end up spending 2 hours instead of 15 minutes (gotta get actual work done).

RDP with Linux

I recently started using Linux (Ubuntu) at home but I am an ASP.NET programmer so I needed a good RDP client for working from home. I tried rdesktop which seemed good but had all sorts of problems dealing with full screen mode (I basically want to get as close as possible to the windows Remote Desktop Client). After some googling trying to figure out how to make rdesktop do what I want (which I thought was intuitive and correct behaviour) I stumbled on Remmina (link is to a page that tells you how to install it with Ubuntu). I did the two following things when configuring it: Opened the preferences and added my monitor's resolution to the list of resolutions you can choose. This is so when you go fullscreen it will use the correct res on the desktop you are connecting to. Set Default View Mode to "Viewport Fullscreen" (again, making it like Windows RDP). When I set up my connections I set the default res to that of my desktop (see above) I enabled compression for each

Quick post

Taking a quick break from work to post here (haven't done it in a long time, stuck on a problem at work... this should help). Brain dump: been gardening with my wife... should have a decent yield of greens and hearty vegetables plus some excellent herbs and tomatoes put up a clothesline at the house with my brother (it was a raining a little but we got it done) trying to go to the gym every day before work; I have been working at home more though, and not bothering to hit the gym... I think I need to go anyway on those days or do a P90X workout or something action packed weekend planned featuring comedy fest, brunch, and a concert (Joel Plaskett is opening for the Bare Naked Ladies)... That last one should boost my Google ranking, but for all the wrong reasons. OK, back to work!