Quick post

Taking a quick break from work to post here (haven't done it in a long time, stuck on a problem at work... this should help). Brain dump:
  • been gardening with my wife... should have a decent yield of greens and hearty vegetables plus some excellent herbs and tomatoes
  • put up a clothesline at the house with my brother (it was a raining a little but we got it done)
  • trying to go to the gym every day before work; I have been working at home more though, and not bothering to hit the gym... I think I need to go anyway on those days or do a P90X workout or something
  • action packed weekend planned featuring comedy fest, brunch, and a concert (Joel Plaskett is opening for the Bare Naked Ladies)...
That last one should boost my Google ranking, but for all the wrong reasons.
OK, back to work!