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Update - 2007-08-27 - Superstore is now selling a case of 24 Red Rain for $27 + deposit. Nice. My most significant food discovery lately has been Energy Drinks. I thought these were for frat boys and steroid junkies for the longest time but, during an extended period of "working late", learned they were good for me as well. See, I recently learned I could no longer drink coffee and never really found it very good for staying up late, anyway. Late night work and driving are the two times I really can't afford to be drowsy and I was telling a friend this, when then said "we get Red Bull free at work" and told me it helped them get through all-nighters. I tried a can of Red Bull on my next road trip and it worked. It worked really well. The drowsiness (and fear that I would fall asleep at the wheel) were gone. I soon began drinking them as needed (not very often). Anyway, now that I have established that these are used by me as needed and I am not hooked or anything (really) here are the ones I have tried ranked by how much I liked them:
Red Rain (Superstore)My fav... all the juice of Red Bull at half the price.
RedFire (Sobey's)Similar (same?) as Red Rain.
Red BullWorks well but it is pricey.
Beaver BuzzTastes like it has maple syrup in it... doesn't seem to give me the same quality of alertness... I have had one and remained drowsy on two occasions.
Sobe Arush This one is rapidly becoming a favourite and may move to the top of the list. The price is right and it works like a charm. I find the "energy" curve is more leveled off so it isn't like you get a burst then slow down.
...lost (large) Flavour is sweet, almost like cotton candy... Contains lots of "energy" but I am not sure I like the cloyingly sweet taste. I just really need to drink one right now.
My general comment on all of them is that they don't taste great. There is some citrus masking and light carbonation. When I am driving or working I just chug them back as fast as possible. If I am at home I might mix one with ginger ale or orange pop and some ice and drink a little slower. :) Benefits over coffee: they don't seem to dehydrate but I could be wrong, you don't drink much volume so you aren't pulling over 30 minutes later if you need to stay alert while driving, and if you are like me and coffee "doesn't agree with you" it can save the day when drowsiness strikes on the road or at the office.


macdonaldster said…
Not sure what the deal is with all the space before that table... Blogger seems to add a bunch of br tags? Probably a bug processing the editor output because of the table td's?
macdonaldster said…
OK, apparently you need to join all the lines in the table into one long line... No problem with Notepad++ (Ctrl-J).
Anonymous said…
I don't like the small cans some of these come in. I need huge beverages. I picked up some sort of Rock Star thing was moderately massive when we were in Bothell, and it did the trick OK.
macdonaldster said…
I like the smaller size. I am not drinking these for enjoyment so I figure I want them concertrated and gulpable.
Anonymous said…
Which one would give me a good size, good fizziness, coffee or greater boost and the least artificial colouring (i.e., don't want to have a blue or red tongue/lips/teeth after drinking)?
macdonaldster said…
I don't know (re: size). I have never tried one of the larger ones... If it has the same stuff in it as the small ones it is probably loaded with sugar to mask the flavour... and gross. :)

Maybe I'll try a couple of the big ones and review them.
Anonymous said…
Clearly you are motivated by price and enjoy drinking "value brands". It's pretty evident at this point you dont know the difference between a quality energy drink from crap like red rain. example, if you read the cans of Red Bull you will see that the energy values are not equal. LOOK CLOSE. Or that beaver buzz has twice the energy content.

/Have fun showing up at the house party and saying "I got the red rain" lol...weak.
macdonaldster said…
Your comments are mostly spot on. I am definitely cheap. However, I DO find Red Rain gives me the most satisfactory "energy" feeling, regardless of what the labeling says on various brands. FYI, I don't usually distribute energy drinks at house parties but might start if it'll liven things up a bit. :)

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