Doing OK

I got really sick a while ago and it took a while to get better. It was just a cold that merged into a flu but it was my first with the ostomy. Not to get too graphic but the diarrhea was crazy. Just water filling my pouch every 20 minutes. And I kept drinking to stay hydrated. This was a mistake. It fueled the process. I had this happen twice before but it was flushing something I ate that was irritating the intestinal tract. This was different and that night after work, exhausted, I did some research. Turns out you need to sip fluid (Gatorade) and eat foods that will dry your output out. Once I figured this out I was on the road to recovery. Took two days before I could drink normally without triggering more watery output. All better now. Was a thirsty time, though.



Not much to report. Ostomy problems continue but the wound seems to be healing which is more than I had originally hoped for when I first boosted the ET nurse.

Better news is that my MD cleared me to stop taking blood pressure medication. I guess losing 30lbs and getting off Celebrex really can make a big difference.

In auto news I topped up our power steering fluid tonight in a Canadian Tire parking lot. It made the crazy whining while steering go away but I am worried the system is leaking. I'll check the levels soon.


One year

Our child in one year old as of this most recent Friday. This is amazing. Looking back on the part year I can't tell which part was the best. Each day had something new to marvel at. He is now done with formula so in addition to his birthday I am celebrating not have to constant wash baby bottles.


Reddit has jumped the shark

Ok, I'm officially ashamed of reddit now. I never go to the front page. There are a few subreddits I follow and that's about it. But this morning I went to /r/all and it is just this mess of swastikas and nudity. Why? Because a small minority of immature users did not like the decision that an executive made to remove hate speech groups from the site.

This is crazy.

First: you can find so many places to behave like a childish moron on the web. 4chan comes to mind. So take your hate speech there and get off reddit.

Second: by harming reddit you are destroying what you claim to be trying to save.

This whole vilification of the reddit CEO is ridiculous and childish. Please find a more constructive way to express displeasure when something you don't pay for changes in a way you don't like. Maybe complain to you parents or something?


Tai Chi

I attended my first class at the local Tai Chi meeting place tonight and it was great. I feel really good. Like really good. I have been practicing a bit at home but class has a way of really stretching everything out.

There are many different skill levels and personalities in the class. It seems like a really good group and there were lots of people there from the weekend beginner class I went to two weeks ago.

I have some pretty major issues with my neck, spine, and other joints and this really gets everything working correctly. So more Dan Yus!



This morning will be my first pouch change some seeing the ET nurse and learning what she thinks is wrong with me. I have special dressing materials to use over the wound and this is also the first time I'll be using those. I am nervous about seeing what is going on there since the two times I have done this so far there was a lot of bleeding, soreness, and it has gotten much larger. With any luck, though, the dressing has helped... I'll see shortly.

On a happier note we are going to see Spy Movie this afternoon and the having some dinner with my family. This will be a very relaxing day overall.

Ok, time to do some dan yus.

Edit: ok so the sore looks bad but about the same as Wednesday. I think the silvercell and the seal are keeping it from getting worse. The sealing didn't come off easily but I guess that means there isn't a ton of drainage. This is definitely looking like the Pyoderma Gang. that she thought it was if the internet is to be believed



So tai chi weekend was great and I've been practicing each night. Another thing I've done is cut out eating after bed. This seems to have relaunched my weight loss but at a more state pace which I am fine with.

In ostomy land all is not so well. I have some kind of sore that is developing behind our just under the stoma paste and is quite large and deep. Very sore.

I am at the ET clinic now to have it and a few other issues looked at. Hopefully they can help me help with this. I am sure they can.

Edit - it is a Parastomal hernia and some crazy skin thing I need to see a specialist for. Sigh. At least I'm otherwise healthy!


Tai chi weekend - part 2

The first day went really well. The moves are coming back slowly. Getting ready for day 2 now. I am having some problems with my ostomy appliance but it is unrelated to Tai Chi and not causing any real problems in class so far.


Tai chi weekend

Has a pretty full day. Worked all day, spend dinner and playtime with the boy, then cleaned and did yard work all night.

Tomorrow morning I am going to attend an all weekend Tai Chi class to get me started so I can attend weekly evening classes near by. This will be my third time enrolling in Tai Chi and I am really looking forward to it. I love exercising that physical/spirit connection. Any martial art does this and while this is a soft martial art it still trains you're mind and body to act smoothly and without thought.

Weight loss update

As some readers (googlebot, I guess) will know I had a major operation at the end of February resulting in weight loss among other things (this was not the primary goal of the procedure). Since I have blogged about weight loss here in the past I'll update with a note that I am down 30lbs since then without trying but now the weight loss has stopped so I need to start watching what I eat again. I think this is a good sign that my body is absorbing enough nutrients again so I am ok with this. :)




I might revive this blog. I have been running a small site from a vps but the novelty is wearing off. I was using it to play Dwarf Fortress but no longer have the time so I am considering getting rid of the vps, migrating my blog posts from there to here, and using Inbox/Keep/Calendar as my todo system in place of org mode.

I love org mode but it is a tad bit inconvenient.


Biopsy Results

This is the third time I have written this. :)
OK, I saw my surgeon for (no offence) what I hope was the last time on Wednesday. If my rectal wound isn't 100% healed in one month I will need to go back but it is looking like we are really in the homestretch at this point.
The biopsy showed no problems of ANY kind other than the displaysia they already knew about (which was why we did the operation) so that is really good news!
Finally, I think he is satisfied I have made as full as a recovery as I could make in the time since my surgery which makes me feel good. No infection, no hernias, no problems with the rectal wound (other than slow healing which is probably due to random home care nurses packing too tight throughout the process). In general I am really happy with my recovery, too.
I am still dealing with ingrown hair issues gone wild under my bag adhesive but am no longer going to shave with a razor there and instead will use clippers or an electric razor. That should clear up on its own as long as I keep it clean and use stoma powder and spray to crust over it. I can even cut away the adhesive in that area if I want to avoid having something covering it but that seems like a recipe for leaks so we'll wait and see.


2015-03 and 04 (March and April)

(just pulling in content from my old, experimental blog)

2015-04 April

2015-04-18 Saturday

Fire Makes It Good   #fun
Grilling for the first time this year! Vegetable brochettes and sausages.

2015-04-16 Thursday

Some Advantages   #ostomy
So I have returned to work. I have an office job. We share a for with other companies. The shared bathrooms are often a nightmare (really dirty) especially after the call center there hours a new crop of people every so often.
In the past I would have to monitor the hall to try to get into the bathroom right after the custodian passed through. If I had to go and all the stalls were in use or out of commission I would panic.
Now I don't have to worry about this. Bathroom is filthy? No problem. I can take care of things without sitting on the filthy toilet. Bathrooms are full? No problem, I have lots of time to take care of things now.
All in ask this has made working in an office much easier and has taken away some of my desire to work from home again.

2015-04-09 Thursday

Had My Checkup With The Surgeon   #ostomy
So after about 6 weeks you will go in and see the surgeon that performed your surgery and they will assess everything. I was told that at this point my scar tissue was as strong as it was going to get and so I could start to resume a normal life (bearing in mind the usual hernia precautions). I didn't have any infection while recovering so my body repaired itself well and I am generally top notch.
One thing that didn't happen is that I was expecting the surgeon to have my biopsy results - he did not. When they removed my colon they sent it away to a lab to check for evidence of Cancer. The results of this test have still not come back. Everyone is pretty sure there will be no indication of Cancer but it is the kind of think I want to be sure about. He set up an appointment in three weeks at which point he expects to have the results.
  • Another reason I need to go back in three weeks is my rectal surgical wound has still not healed. I am still receiving daily visits from the home care nurses and while everything is going well it takes a long time to heal.
I wrote a bit about this previously but now that things are further along I have more to report. As the wound heals you get more and more sensation in the area. This is good as it means the nerves are coming back to life but it also means more discomfort from the packing. I would not call this pain but it is annoying. Like a constant wedgie. For weeks.
So my current issue is that while the packing is really not bugging me much during the day it is really driving me nuts while trying to sleep. So much so that I am bordering on insomnia. I think I figured it out, though. Every night we put our son to bed and relax in the living room either on the Internet, chatting, or just watching some tv. This protracted sitting (e.g. for an hour so) is the longest I sit all day. Meanwhile, I usually sit up in bed to read. So all this sitting is putting pressure on the wound. Maybe it is swelling up or getting irritated. I shared this with the home care nurse and she told me that I could be right and advised that when sitting, don't put weight directly on your rear end. Instead try to prop on cheek up on a rolled towel or maybe a firm pillow. This should take enough pressure off. Trying that now. Wish me luck!
  • New-since-the-ostomy foods lately (not all at once): pickels (on a burger), peppers with the skin on (pizza topping), fresh basil, chard (well cooked), and a slice or so of tomato on a sandwhich today. All good so far!

2015-04-02 Thursday

A Little Over A Month   #ostomy
It has been over a month since my permanent ileostomy. I have just changed my bag and am now using an opaque bag. This feels a little more sustainable to me. I don't care of people know I have a bag but see no reason to subject them to a visual of the contents for no reason.
I have cushion the bag pretty much worked out now but today I learned that I should probably fast between dinner and the morning bag change since output started flowing between crusting and cutting my bag out… This was inconvenient but just made the process take longer.
A new thing I tried was using cotton balls to spread the powder for shaving and crusting. This worked really well and I'll keep doing it for sure!

2015-03 March

2015-03-27 Friday

Media (lately)   #blog
Just a quick listing of the stuff I have been watching and reading lately:
  1. The Last Man On Earth - funny show about the last man on earth who has to cope with a couple of people showing up. Hell really is other people on this show. I find it entertaining but at its heart the show just highlights stereotypes and draws a lot of humour out of the extremes of the situation. Well worth watching, I guess. There are many "last man on Earth" movies and I find them all interesting - usually there are zombies.
  1. The Three Musketeers - After reading the book the Ninth Gate (movie) was based on (called The Club Dumas) I decided to check out this classic. It really is an entertaining read if you like the writing style and I am enjoying it a few pages at a time before sleeping. Beats watching TV.
  2. Togetherness - another comedy show but it takes a serious turn. Starts out very light hearted, then becomes a romantic comedy, then turns serious. Excellent writing and every moment is gripping and/or hilarious. Two thumbs up.

2015-03-26 Thursday

Rectal Dressing   #ostomy
I'd like to talk about rectal dressings since I am not seeing this discussed anywhere (haven't looked too hard) and feel like it is a topic new ostomates need to know about. I have no idea how this goes for everyone else but I have a permanent ileostomy and so my butt no longer needs to be functional (and as I understand it this is also necessary medically and removes risk of Cancer).
Anyway, the dressings start in the hospital. At some point they will begin changing the dressing on your butt twice a day. This can be painful as they use a massive absorbent pad over the dressing and lots of take holds it on. Eventually ask the hair gets tired of and this gets easier. Work with your nurses to time your pain meds for about 45 minutes before the dressing change so you are in less pain. You have no choice but to sit/lay on your butt but don't sit on the dressing for more than a few minutes until cleared by the nurses (sitting in bed propped up is OK).
So eventually you get to go home. Once home the dressings are done once a day by home care nurses that come to your house once a day and change the dressing. Eventually the dressing gets smaller (they are packing the wound so it heals from the inside out and this packing decreases as does drainage over time). The downside of all this healing is the nerves return to life and things get sore. You should be able to control this with Tylenol.
Anyway, this goes on for over a month and I am half way along. Stayed tuned for how this story ends! :)

2015-03-23 Monday

Daily Sitrep   #life
Nothing much to report. Spent today trying to rest and relax as much as possible but never got my nap on. Fish cakes for dinner (tasty!) and an early night.

2015-03-22 Sunday

Leak   #ostomy
So I had my first ostomy bag leak today. I was trying out a maternity belly band to keep it in place and when I checked it after a couple of minutes I noticed a very small stain on the otherwise white band. It turns out there was a small pin prick sized hole in the bag. Not sure what caused it.
The next thing you know I am changing my bag for the first time without some kind of supervision and it went well. I am learning to do each step efficiently. I am still concerned about how I would do that when not at home. You really need to use lots of items and they ask need to be at hand. You particularly need a supply of wet paper towel. That is actually the hardest thing to imagine having when it so I'll do side research on what other people use. Where there is a will there's is a way.

2015-03-19 Thursday

Where I live we have just had a couple of massive snow storms resulting in the most snow down in recent memory. My wife has had to do the snow removal because of my operation. Or neighbor continues to help by snow blowing our driveway and my brother and his son have lent a hand too. But really, it has been my wife out there digging away that has made it possible to get our son in the car etc. Yes the snow banks are literally over the cars and making it hard to get in and out of the vehicle.
Anyway, we could use a break and some snow melting.
In Ostomy News things are moving along as expected. But dressing is driving me crazy and I've had a couple tired days but am otherwise good.

2015-03-16 Monday

Staples Out   #ostomy
The long march to recovery continues. My staples are out of my abdomenand so far things feel good. I am looking forward to a better night's sleep tonight! In other news I am not really sleepy yet today despite chores and going to a doctor's appointment. That feels like improvement to me. Next big milestone will be driving in about two weeks and then I should be able to shower again too (right before the home care nurse arrives).

2015-03-14 Saturday

finally had a good night's sleep   #ostomy
Last night I switched over to using my sleeping bag instead of heavy bed covers. This kept me very cosy without any weight being put on my staples and other areas that are feeling odd after the operation. This finally let me get the night's sleep I was craving, unbroken by late night crappy action movie watching (I have seen 1/3 of Die Hard 2, Sahara, and a Stephen Segal movie where he fights Big Oil).
So I keeping getting asked about how things are different now. Here is a list of random things I feel have changed:
  1. pooping - I no longer spend every waking moment wondering if I should crap before I do something or longing until I can crap next. I do need to empty my illestomy bad frequently but I am told this will ease up in time and so far it hasn't been that inconvenient.
  2. neck and back pain - basically gone although I am really tired and can feel some soreness as a I type this (first time at a computer in two weeks). Could be the chair (nothing is set up right for me at this desk). This means extended comfort, deeper sleeps, more brain cycles to enjoy life, and generally more optimism. My posture is still terrible but I hope to correct it with time.
  3. eating - I am following doctor's orders and eating a low residue diet. This is a little boring but I am a creative cook and so is my wife. I have never had problems with blockages in the past and don't anticipate problems as long as I chew my food very well and introduce new things slowly and carefully.
  4. other people - I don't care who knows I have a bag. If you spend time with me it will eventually come up. If you don't then you are welcome to know what you would like to know for your own reasons. :)
That about sums it up. I am trying to accept this, acknowledge it probably is saving my life (re: likely colon cancer averted), and there's been some postive outcomes re: other areas of my life.

2015-03-12 Thursday

google code
Looks like Google Code is shutting down. Decisions like this are always unpopular but I think this makes sense for Google after reading thier statement (haven't verified it). They were providing a free service and now they will not be doing so (with plenty of notice). I am ok with this. This type of thing is why I prefer to use a VPS for hosting with whatever things I am working on backed up elsewhere (e.g. using bitbucket and say one other service).
test reorder
Just testing some blog code.
This gets my posts sorted in the datetree org mode file so HTML export puts the latest first:
(defun sm-publish-blog ()
  "publish blog.org files as html files, publish notes.org as ics"
  (switch-to-buffer (find-file-noselect "~/org/blog.org"))
  (goto-char (point-min))
  (search-forward-regexp "\*\* [0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]-[0-9][0-9]")
  (org-sort-entries nil ?A)
  (org-html-export-to-html nil)
  (copy-file "~/org/blog.html" "~/www/blog.html" t)
  (copy-file "~/org/notes.ics" "~/www/XXXXXXXXX.ics" t))

2015-03-11 Wednesday

Adjusting to home   #ostomy
This was my first full day home since the operation. I had a visit from the home care nurse, etc.
I am still not really sleeping normally at this point as my schedule was so screwed up from the hospital. 11 nights of being woken constantly in a four person ward really has left me a little disoriented. I am generally fine except overnight but I expect that will clear up over time.
Other than measuring the output I am not finding the whole ostomy bag thing that annoying. Every meal is a test of my ability to chew slowly and completely since I never used to care but I am getting used to that. Speaking of eating, I am down 15 lbs since the operation. I am not sure how much of that is from the tissue removal and how much is the terrible hospital food and subsequent small meals but I'll take it. :)

2015-03-08 Sunday

last night in hospital?   #ostomy
It is possible this is my last night in hospital. I hope to be home tomorrow if my white blood cell count continues to go down. My wife brought me good today and I ate. This completely changed me over to feeling healthy and stronger.
The food here is atrocious. that is really my only complaint. I can't imagine someone making it for themselves to eat.
I am generally tired of being here, miss home and my loved ones, and really hope tomorrow is the day.

2015-03-03 Tuesday

post-op sit rep   #ostomy
I went in for my operation on Friday and it is now Tuesday. I am doing really well. The Ostomy bag is actually very easy to empty and the nurse is teaching me to change it.
Pain is really under control so far with 2mg of Dilaudid every four hours and then Tylenol every couple of hours.
After a few days of fluids and some soup and oatmeal I am starting solids today. can't wait. I am sick of ice water all day so my wife (guardian angel) will bring me sports drinks today.


2015-02 (February)

(note: just pulling in content from my experimental and now abandoned blog)

2015-02-27 Friday

surgery   #ostomy
OK, this is the day of my surgery. I am feeling good about it but can't wait for it to be over so I can begin my recovery.

2015-02-25 Wednesday

pre-op   #ostomy
Heading over to the hospital today to do the meetings with various people prior to the operation. This is supposed to take between 2 and 4 hours. I am assuming 4 and taking reading material.
I am spending the next 48 hours trying not to stress out too much and saying goodbye to favorite foods and toilet paper.

2015-02-24 Tuesday

Last night was sleepless. The roof was booming and sounded like it was coming down. We slept in the basement because the most weight was over our bedroom. There are a couple of brave guys up on my roof right now getting rid of the snow and ice. I am paying them to do it but I am extremely grateful they are here and they are welcome to my money.

2015-02-23 Monday

Interesting Bitcoin Opinion
This is a really good compare/contrast piece looking at the relative costs and benefits of bitcoin without getting into the blackhole of fiat currency and anonymity.
Winter continues
Today's battle against winter took on a new level of desperation. We had a day of continuous rain. What should have been a merciless period of melting was instead this nightmare of heavy snow becoming saturated and getting heavier. Or precious metal awning that has been in place since the 70's started to buckle under the weight and one bracket actually gave, the beam once supported by it now resting against the siding beneath it.
Our only option was to remove as much snow as possible. Snow that is mostly ice. I got a 2x4 from the basement and started painstakingly prying pieces off and working them to the edge. This took a long time and my arms are now casualties of war but it offloaded a lot of snow. What we could not reach got pelted with a lot of ice melter. Between these two techniques about 2/3 of the snow was removed.
Finally, I shored up the beans from underneath with 2x4s to help them support the remaining weight and prevent further collapse. When everything thaws we'll have a repair job ahead of us.

2015-02-22 Sunday

Convert Ebooks
Not running Calibre and need to convert an eBook? Try http://www.zamzar.com

2015-02-20 Friday

With my operation a week away I am thinking of it all the time. I need to use some of this energy to prepare for the experience and my life after it. This is some good advice I got from my wife tonight. I am so glad she is there for me.
We got about 2cm of snow so naturally plows were out all night. the result for me is a giant ice boulder about the size of the snow wall on either side of my driveway that is blocking my driveway now. I want even going to shovel I woke up early and there is was. a massive over boulder just dumped there. I mean I could be at this for an hour breaking it down and removing it. If I are an American tea party member I guess I would thank Obama at this point but I am left just shaking my head. at least it is good exercise.

2015-02-19 Thursday

I just got a call re: the consultation with variou health care people prior to my operation next week. I am going to try to book a private room for my recovery and it would be great if that works out. If not, that's OK too. I can't wait to get the surgery overwith as the anticipation of being in pain afterward is likely worse that actually being in pain but with good drugs. :)

2015-02-18 Wednesday

Hacker's Keyboard
At thw suggestion of someone on Reddit I am trying hacjwrsbkeubp
Nope. Doesn't work well for me so I'll stock with stock for now.

2015-02-16 Monday

I added Google Analytics to the blog tonight. Not that anyone comes here. But still, if you do, I will know how many of you came but very little else other than you are most likely a bot or spider. I'll be interested to see how my traffic compare with the WordPress blog I am replacing. I am pretty sure of that was spam bots.

2015-02-15 Sunday

Emacs on VPS (connecting by phone)
Just a quick write-up about how I use emacs: Emacs on a VPS (connecting using SSH from my phone)
The snow has definitely started here! I expect to be shoveling all day, even in the rain, to try to get rid of as much of this as I can before it all freezes. It will be a while until anything melts and there is still a huge mess from the last storm. Really great exercise, though.

2015-02-14 Saturday

There's a storm coming! Or driveway is still icy and full of snow from the last mess. I like shoveling but with all the ice down there isn't much I can do.
Chrome vs. Firefox :OPINION
OK, as someone who works as a web developer articles like this drive me insane: http://gizmodo.com/fuck-it-im-going-back-to-firefox-1685425815
This is written about using browsers on a Mac. This is only made clear by a comment the author makes about 75% of the way down the page and it is definitely not the top comment. There is a screenshot of a process list from a Mac but when you are complaining about slow-running software be clear about the hardware it is running on and the OS it is built for. Just say Chrome runs slow for me on this OS/hardware and move on with the article. It is a very easy edit.
I care because software built and optimized for a given OS might not port well to another OS and the dev team on that port might not have the time or resources to make it run well. So a million Windows users will read this article and think this guy's opinion matters and they will switch to Firefox – that's fine, I don't care what browser you use – but his opinion is really only completely relevant to Mac users.
He talks fairly early on about how he has a million extensions installed. In fact he compares his early experience of running a stripped down Chrome browser to his current experience of running one full of extensions. Well. guess what? Extension developers don't all work for Google and get their code reviewed by the core Chrome devs.
So "I am using a browser of an unspecified version on unspecified hardware on a software platform it is ported to and I am running tons of extensions and add-ons and oh, yeah, my co-workers and I have been fiddling with configuration to try to make it run better but it keeps getting worse". This is not a compelling argument and it should not be generalized to "this browser is terrible".
I have a lot of extensions installed because they help me do my job but they are regularly the source of pages blocked from loading, etc. I disable the vast majority of these unless I need them. They can be buggy, poorly implemented, and inefficient. So I don't leave them running all the time and I replace the worst with something better (these days I am using Fiddler for most of that anyway but that is for another post).

2015-02-13 Friday

Happy Valentimes
I love the Friday night before a long weekend. we are going to enjoy ourselves tomorrow, it being Valentines Day, and spend the rest of the weekend working around the house. Sounds good to me.
Smex + iDo
I added [Smex[http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/Smex]] and [iDo[http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/InteractivelyDoThings]] to my VPS .emacs (and Smex is now on my work system, too). This makes using emacs on the VPS via my phone MUCH easier. :)
Keyboard Macro - take 2
OK, the keyboard macro I created earlier didn't work so well but you can edit them using instructions here:https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Edit-Keyboard-Macro.html
I just added a keyboard macro to my .emacs to publish my blog using these instructions:http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/KeyboardMacros

2015-02-12 Thursday

Autohotkey and Emacs
The discussion on this page is giving me lots of ideas for how to use autohotkey and Emacs together at work:http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/AutoHotKey
Cool Pen
Definitely one of the most impressive fountain pens I have ever seen: http://www.gouletpens.com/mv35290/p/MV35290(MONTEVERDE TOUCH SCREEN STYLUS FOUNTAIN TOOL PEN - ORANGE)
Latest First!
I am pretty excited. I was trying to figure out how to get my latest entries first for the blog when I realized I just have to sort the Org file. Since I am capturing my posts into a datetree I just had to sort by title in reverse and latest was first. To do this use M-x org-sort-entries and press T to sort in reverse by title.
Git Homedir
OK tonight I added my home directory, .emacs file, org files, etc to a private Git repo on Bitbucket. This should make living on a cheap VPS a little less nerve wracking. The last word in the previous sentence reminded me I need to install a spell checker in my emacs. :)
Note: Found out flyspell works pretty well.

2015-02-11 Wednesday

Notes from today:
Org-mode Blogging
Trying out a new blogging method based on this guy's approach: http://www.howardism.org/Technical/Emacs/journaling-org.html
Blog Improvements
So far tonight I was able to figure out how to set up org-html so that it uses a stylesheet (ripped off from the org-mode site) and I created a template for entering a blog post quickly.
The capture template for the blog enters the new post in the datetree format so it does pretty much what I want it to do. The HTML export is still not perfect but I am hiding unwanted elements with CSS (section numbers and table of contents).