Biopsy Results

This is the third time I have written this. :)
OK, I saw my surgeon for (no offence) what I hope was the last time on Wednesday. If my rectal wound isn't 100% healed in one month I will need to go back but it is looking like we are really in the homestretch at this point.
The biopsy showed no problems of ANY kind other than the displaysia they already knew about (which was why we did the operation) so that is really good news!
Finally, I think he is satisfied I have made as full as a recovery as I could make in the time since my surgery which makes me feel good. No infection, no hernias, no problems with the rectal wound (other than slow healing which is probably due to random home care nurses packing too tight throughout the process). In general I am really happy with my recovery, too.
I am still dealing with ingrown hair issues gone wild under my bag adhesive but am no longer going to shave with a razor there and instead will use clippers or an electric razor. That should clear up on its own as long as I keep it clean and use stoma powder and spray to crust over it. I can even cut away the adhesive in that area if I want to avoid having something covering it but that seems like a recipe for leaks so we'll wait and see.


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