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Stats crazy

I hooked the blog up with Google Analytics and Adsense. I expect to make $3 in the next 10 years. The analytics results will no doubt be depressing as well. :) To the two people that read this blog: keep up the good work.


Hidalgo - not bad Rage of the Master - good for sleeping, some good fighting Casanova - entertaining (Lena Olin is good in this)

Loud computer fan

My home workstation was so loud it was crazy. It had been getting gradually louder. I searched for solutions using Google and based on what I read thought maybe a wire was lying on the fan. I took the case off and sure enough there was something on the fan. It was an elastic some cables had been tied with that had "rotted". One free end was dangling onto the very top of the fan... Pretty loud! I blew the dust out, removed the elastic, and secured the cables another way. Seems fine now.

Update post

I haven't posted for a while. I have been focusing on work and home. Anything in between (blogging, reading RSS, researching stuff) has been put on hold. Special exceptions are being made for family and friends of course. I wanted to get back to blogging, though, as it is a good way to practice writing daily, get things off my chest, and record of snapshot of my personality for review later (ever read a journal from "10 years ago"?). Anyway, here it is in a nutshell: - I went from using Google Calendar to using a paper agenda back to Google Calendar (tried it, liked it, needed more features) - my Chron's tracker shows a good to bad days ratio of .48 so I am feeling just a shade under the weather all the time but in general have had some very good days and am having more all the time. Also, the severity of bad days is dropping so that I can do normal stuff (back pain is less, flexibility better, fatigue is more manageable). I am really enjoying my job lately so that is