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Mindfulness exercise

The next time you are eating something you enjoy, take the opposing view and decide you really dislike that food. Try and understand how someone else could really dislike something you really like. When you are done, please resume enjoying your food. If you'd like to go one step further, eat something you dislike and try to see why some people really enjoy it.

Exercise Log: weekend update

Yesterday was nice. I got a lot of rest on Saturday morning and then we drove to my uncle's cottage where I got a lot more rest. At some point I took one of the dogs for a 40 minute walk and watched him get covered up to his chest in mod so thick it was slowing him down, he then flopped around in a ditch of stagnant water (I know, I am a bad dog owner) and eventually he got some swimming in in the Bay of Fundy to wash all that mud and slime off. Today, I am hoping to get some further exercise in but I am not sure when since I have a full day planned. I should get at it.

Exercise Log: Thursday night sucess

Finally. Seriously. I finally got some exercise time in. I am doing some sweating now... I got a few crunches in (gotta strengthen my abs to take pressure off my back) and easy pushups. Another highlight: did a bunch of the opening exercises I learned while taking karate a while ago... yeah that felt good. :)

Exercise (not) log: Tues, Wed, Thurs?

Tuesday night I was working on something out of the house and couldn't get exercise in (was wiped when I got home, my cold was back and acting up). Wednesday: desk, appointments, desk, sitting, bed... Yeah, no exercise. I had a good reason but still no exercise. Thursday? I sincerely want to exercise tonight. I have an appointment at the bank after work but should have the rest of the evening free to exercise unless something comes up.

Exercise Log: the weekend and Monday

The weekend was interesting... we had house guests the entire time and socializing stuff to do. On Sunday, I actually got lots of activity in as myself and my financee's father did some work around the yard (insulated a crawlspace under an extension that was never done properly and fixed a big problem with crumbling mortar at the base of our chimney). It felt good to work outside and it wasn't too hot. No real cardio was involved, though. I really need to get back into the machines in the basement. My diet has been terrible lately as well. Last night, no sleep...

Last comic standing

I am becoming a huge fan of Last Comic Standing and really, really want Sean Cullen to win . Me rooting for Sean is like the kiss of death but I'm doing it anyway (sorry). Last night's performance by Papa CJ had it moments but went too far, too fast. I think he was thinking "OK, pull out all the stops, this could is my last chance". He gambled and lost. I thought his routine showed a good understanding of an LA audience's love of edgy/extreme humour and he really engaged the crowd but overall he was a little too crude for people going to the taping of a prime time tv show. So you have to give him kudos for trying, and I think he's got a shot at really making it in stand-up as he gets more experience. Paul Foot: I think he got nervous and didn't bring his A-game. Too bad because he's REALLY funny. Iliza Shlesinger: she could easily take this contest... her timing is excellent and she is HILARIOUS... also brings new material quite often and shows a lo

Music log: skeleton of new psitrance effort

The title should link to an really low-quality, unmastered mp3 that is the skeleton of the latest thing I am working on. I like the groove but need to clean up the synth hits, make the bass drum punchier, and add some complexity for sure. Anyways, I really like the type-writer-like highhats.

Exercise Log: Monday night

While I didn't do any formal exercise, last night was not a total write-off... I might have gotten a total of an hour (maybe 45 minutes is more accurate) of walking in over the course of the evening. I also slept for 6 hours continuously (no waking up, nothing) as I did the night before last (note: this is really, really amazing for me). There was some work I had to do related to a sort of cash for change vending machine type business I am part of so I walked to and from there and also walked the dog after dinner for a bit. Not intense exercise but considering the weather here I did OK (VERY muggy). Tonight I need to clear out a crawlspace under a house extension at our place so we can insulate... I'll be hauling out a lot of crap and working in terrible conditions so this should count as exercise (lots of heavy stuff under there) as I know my heart rate will be up. I can't wait to return to the treadmill/elliptical/inversion table/pushup regime I had going on but stuff n

Exercise: weekend update

We went camping Friday night so I spent most of my time after work getting ready and setting up camp with my S.O. The campsite was a nightmare though, so on Saturday we packed up to spend the day with my family at a cottage instead of camping. I didn't get a ton of real exercise but I did do some walking, gear lugging, tent setting up/tearing down, and we did a ton of housework last night. I feel tired but relaxed after this. Part of the cleaning was supposed to be in the store room where my exercise machines are but we never got to it... I was able to get things to the point where I can get in there an exercise soon, though. Maybe I will be able to get to it tonight, if not then tomorrow night (I think I need to sand our deck tomorrow night so that might be my exercise).

Exercise Log: Thursday night writeoff

Last night was rough. In a lot of pain like my worst days before Celebrex. I realize it can only do so much. As a result I was having a hard time just sitting on the couch let alone exercising. I feel bad for missing a day on DAY 2 but that's life. The weekend should be interesting and relaxing. Instead of doing badly needed house maintenance tasks we are going camping. I hope to get some walking and swimming in for exercise and also to spend a LOT of time sitting by a campfire. On Sunday we are coming home early and plan to do some chores that day (or at least buy supplies to do chores... I'll see what happens).

Exercise Log: Wednesday mow

I am going to start exercising every day but Friday again and trying to use this blog to keep myself honest... The lawn REALLY needed a mowing last night so that was my exercise. I know it isn't a crazy cardio workout but considering it was around 30 thousand degrees out and it took me over an hour I'd say that will have to do for my workout. Tonight, I am planning on hitting the elliptical. I have to clean up the exercise room again as this period of downtime allowed some boxes to get piled up around the equipment.