Exercise Log: Monday night

While I didn't do any formal exercise, last night was not a total write-off... I might have gotten a total of an hour (maybe 45 minutes is more accurate) of walking in over the course of the evening. I also slept for 6 hours continuously (no waking up, nothing) as I did the night before last (note: this is really, really amazing for me).

There was some work I had to do related to a sort of cash for change vending machine type business I am part of so I walked to and from there and also walked the dog after dinner for a bit. Not intense exercise but considering the weather here I did OK (VERY muggy).

Tonight I need to clear out a crawlspace under a house extension at our place so we can insulate... I'll be hauling out a lot of crap and working in terrible conditions so this should count as exercise (lots of heavy stuff under there) as I know my heart rate will be up. I can't wait to return to the treadmill/elliptical/inversion table/pushup regime I had going on but stuff needs to get done around the house and it is good that I am getting some activity each day for now, I guess.

Considering my schedule and lifestyle, the best chance I have at weight loss (and this is for health issues, I really need to figure this out over the next few years) is to control my eating. That is going to take some work. I have made big changes over the last couple of years but I still have lots of bad habits. I am more mindful of them than ever now, though (e.g. being aware of my eating instead of just mindless about it) and that is leading to reduction in the amount and frequency of stupid eating.


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