Last comic standing

I am becoming a huge fan of Last Comic Standing and really, really want Sean Cullen to win. Me rooting for Sean is like the kiss of death but I'm doing it anyway (sorry).

Last night's performance by Papa CJ had it moments but went too far, too fast. I think he was thinking "OK, pull out all the stops, this could is my last chance". He gambled and lost. I thought his routine showed a good understanding of an LA audience's love of edgy/extreme humour and he really engaged the crowd but overall he was a little too crude for people going to the taping of a prime time tv show. So you have to give him kudos for trying, and I think he's got a shot at really making it in stand-up as he gets more experience.

Paul Foot: I think he got nervous and didn't bring his A-game. Too bad because he's REALLY funny.

Iliza Shlesinger: she could easily take this contest... her timing is excellent and she is HILARIOUS... also brings new material quite often and shows a lot of experience.


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