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2015-03 and 04 (March and April)

(just pulling in content from my old, experimental blog) 2015-04 April 2015-04-18 Saturday Fire Makes It Good    #fun Grilling for the first time this year! Vegetable brochettes and sausages. 2015-04-16 Thursday Some Advantages    #ostomy So I have returned to work. I have an office job. We share a for with other companies. The shared bathrooms are often a nightmare (really dirty) especially after the call center there hours a new crop of people every so often. In the past I would have to monitor the hall to try to get into the bathroom right after the custodian passed through. If I had to go and all the stalls were in use or out of commission I would panic. Now I don't have to worry about this. Bathroom is filthy? No problem. I can take care of things without sitting on the filthy toilet. Bathrooms are full? No problem, I have lots of time to take care of things now. All in ask this has made working in an office much easier and has taken away s