http://sqlite.phxsoftware.com/ I am thinking of using this for my new http://dev.repulsemonkey.com site (which will mostly be tools). It is a serverless DB but supports SQL queries, etc.


Latest theory

My latest theory on the whole McCain/Palin thing. I think McCain is going to impose a draft by executive order (is this possible?) as one of his first actions in office. He requires someone to run with him that doesn't suspect this (or at least wouldn't oppose it) and is doing ANYTHING he can to get elected. Palin serves nicely in the vp role when considered that way.

Seems scary. Unfortunately, I am often fairly close to the mark when I have these creepy predictions.

According to this article an act of congress is required to reactivate the draft: Selective Service System. Since adult males are required to register, it's not that crazy to restart the draft and US forces are spread thin.



Weight Watchers

I am on weight watchers now and am very excited about losing some weight and having fun while doing it (I guess I love optimizing what I eat based on points, etc). Tonight I discovered activity points. I did a half-hour of hard work on the elliptical with a heart monitor and earned SIX points! That's the equivalent of a basic McDonalds hamburger (stupid choice) or about 4 normal sized apples (say). It is also 6 slices of good bread or a whole wack of popcorn, and so on. Exercise is good. The trick is not to eat up all your activity points. :)