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How to live well. Help?

I have always struggled with this: there is the person I want to be (say Jason Bourne but living my current safe, productive life and still looking like me because you don't mess with perfection) and the person I am (I look like me but I don't always eat well, exercise enough, get things done enough, etc.). Now, this isn't a "poor me" story or a perfectionist self-hatred rant (I like neither); it is about re-deciding to do a little better today than yesterday. To be more friendly, to get a little more done (even if that means making the most of couch time), to eat a healthy breakfast, etc. That's where I am at.

Espresso report

So this morning I tested my roast from yesterday. I burned out my initial popcorn maker (about a year of use outdoors in a shed, so I got my $12 worth from it) just after the first crack started so I had to cool the beans and go to Superstore for a new, cheap popcorn maker. This one is better: seems hotter, more powerful fan, and has an on/off switch which is nice. No more reaching past the hot popcorn popper to pull the plug (or using a power bar). Anyway, I was fascinated with the roasting power of the new popper and let the beans go well into dark roast territory. Much darker than I could get with the old popper. This, combined with my lack of a decent grinder, led to a bitter espresso. I currently grind with a blender, screwing a mason jar full of coffee beans onto the blender base instead of the blender jug. Works great for anything bigger than espresso. At some point I'll get a decent burr grinder and for now I'll use my home-roasted beans for regular coffee (made in o


My desk is finally converted over to the dining room table I got on super discount. Left to right there's my aging desktop, 32" LCD hooked into the desktop, then a 21" monitor that displays either the desktop or laptop, then my work laptop. I share the wireless keyboard and mouse from the desktop to the laptop with free software called Synergy. Everthing is messy now and my inbox tray isn't in place yet but you get the idea. Sorry the pic is so dark.


Been setting my alarm for 5:30am (using an alarm that is quiet enough for me wake up but not wake my spouse). I am trying to get in a half hour of any type of exercise. Today I did push-ups, planks, and stretching. Other things I plan to do include rowing machine, dog walk/jog, weights, etc.