How to live well. Help?

I have always struggled with this: there is the person I want to be (say Jason Bourne but living my current safe, productive life and still looking like me because you don't mess with perfection) and the person I am (I look like me but I don't always eat well, exercise enough, get things done enough, etc.). Now, this isn't a "poor me" story or a perfectionist self-hatred rant (I like neither); it is about re-deciding to do a little better today than yesterday. To be more friendly, to get a little more done (even if that means making the most of couch time), to eat a healthy breakfast, etc. That's where I am at.


Anonymous said…
Most people follow the "Do-Have-Be" model of life, and think that if they do certain things (eat better) they will have something else (better body/health) and therefore they will be different (a healthy person).
This is what weight loss programs are based on, like Weight Watchers. They have a long term success rate of about 3%.
Most people only change when they re-envision who they are, which changes their habits (Be-Do-Have style). If you just are the type of person who eats healthy, you don't have to try hard to eat right. It just happens.

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