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Solutions for 47" LCD on desk

I am writing this blog entry because I couldn't turn up anything in a quick google search on this topic and am interested in what others have to say. Maybe they will find this blog and get back to me. I have a 47" Viewsonic LCD TV (1080p) on my desk and use it as both my work monitor (when I work at home) and as a home theater screen. I don't mind the set up: I am sitting about 1m away from the screen and as long as I keep my back straight and head up I get a pretty good view of the monitor. I have a slouching problem and find having this large monitor in front of me helps keep my posture correct as I don't slouch for the previously stated reason. My question is I would like a desk that is more user friendly. I am thinking a large dining room table with an integrated keyboard tray (sliding) that runs almost the length of the table (I might want to keep on it, for example, my work notes, a second keyboard for a laptop, etc). I would also like to maximize the distanc


So, apparently, I also have sleep apnea (65+ s.a. events per hour, according to a test I took). This means I need to wear a mask to bed that provides continuous airflow to my lungs keeping my airways open. I guess the plan is that eventually, this will allow me to sleep enough to feel rested. This in turn will lead to weight loss (if I work at it) and lowered blood pressure. Weight loss and being rested tend to combat sleep apnea so maybe I won't need to use the mask forever. I do feel well rested but also groggy. Like the feeling you get when you slept too much or are spending a day or so being really lazy and napping all the time (if you suffer from a sleep disorder you'll know what I mean). I take this as a good sign that the machine was working last night, even though it was a little annoying and I took it off a couple times. Anyway, I will report my progress here. Re: working out - still not back on a steady workout schedule again but I do try to at least get 30 minutes


OK, everyone likes chips... everyone. I don't care if you say you don't like chips, we all know you do. Anyway, when you are trying to cut down on sodium nothing really works for chips. They are all pretty salty, even the reduced salt ones. That is, until last night. Getting groceries after work we discovered that there is a flavour of Kettle Chips called "Unsalted". And they are. And they are delicious. They are still fattening but at least they aren't salty. Tired this morning. I haven't been getting my workouts in but I have definitely been sleeping better. Still it's Friday after a week that flew by. Looking forward to the weekend (sort of, we have a busy schedule lined up).

Wednesday night health update

I have about 20 minutes while my desktop workstation reboots so I thought I would do a quick update on health issues and some other stuff. Last night I went to my first badminton session since taking Celebrex (I missed last week). WHAT a difference! I could run down the shuttle, twist to hit the thing, etc. All with only minor pain/stiffness. I had a really good time and wasn't totally sore afterwards. This new treatment is letting me sleep much better as well. I am feeling really, really rested even on nights where I only got five hours of sleep (or whatever). I mean I am used to waking up every 20 - 60 minutes in pain and needing get up and walk it off, use the washroom, rearrange the pillow, etc. Now I might get up once or twice to use the washroom. Things aren't 100% perfect but I am very good at handling the type of pain I experience overnight so the little that remains is hardly even worth mentioning. For a while, I thought the Celebrex had stopped working but it turns