Wednesday night health update

I have about 20 minutes while my desktop workstation reboots so I thought I would do a quick update on health issues and some other stuff.

Last night I went to my first badminton session since taking Celebrex (I missed last week). WHAT a difference! I could run down the shuttle, twist to hit the thing, etc. All with only minor pain/stiffness. I had a really good time and wasn't totally sore afterwards.

This new treatment is letting me sleep much better as well. I am feeling really, really rested even on nights where I only got five hours of sleep (or whatever). I mean I am used to waking up every 20 - 60 minutes in pain and needing get up and walk it off, use the washroom, rearrange the pillow, etc. Now I might get up once or twice to use the washroom. Things aren't 100% perfect but I am very good at handling the type of pain I experience overnight so the little that remains is hardly even worth mentioning.

For a while, I thought the Celebrex had stopped working but it turns out I was just having a couple of bad days in a row. Feeling fine again now since Saturday.

One last thing: I finally got myself a massive flat-screen. It's a thing of beauty. I will be using it for my work monitor soon enough.


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