Solutions for 47" LCD on desk

I am writing this blog entry because I couldn't turn up anything in a quick google search on this topic and am interested in what others have to say. Maybe they will find this blog and get back to me.

I have a 47" Viewsonic LCD TV (1080p) on my desk and use it as both my work monitor (when I work at home) and as a home theater screen. I don't mind the set up: I am sitting about 1m away from the screen and as long as I keep my back straight and head up I get a pretty good view of the monitor. I have a slouching problem and find having this large monitor in front of me helps keep my posture correct as I don't slouch for the previously stated reason.

My question is I would like a desk that is more user friendly. I am thinking a large dining room table with an integrated keyboard tray (sliding) that runs almost the length of the table (I might want to keep on it, for example, my work notes, a second keyboard for a laptop, etc).

I would also like to maximize the distance between myself and the screen. Another 0.3m would probably do the trick.

Anyway, if you have any unique desk/workstation/home theatre solutions, let me know. I am interested. And, yes, I know this sounds crazy to most people reading this. :)


Anonymous said...

Forget monitor on desk. Mount it on the wall, then you can put any sort of workable desk with keyboard tray in front of it, and have the whole surface to work on (papers, etc) since nothing is sitting on it.