So, apparently, I also have sleep apnea (65+ s.a. events per hour, according to a test I took). This means I need to wear a mask to bed that provides continuous airflow to my lungs keeping my airways open. I guess the plan is that eventually, this will allow me to sleep enough to feel rested. This in turn will lead to weight loss (if I work at it) and lowered blood pressure. Weight loss and being rested tend to combat sleep apnea so maybe I won't need to use the mask forever.

I do feel well rested but also groggy. Like the feeling you get when you slept too much or are spending a day or so being really lazy and napping all the time (if you suffer from a sleep disorder you'll know what I mean). I take this as a good sign that the machine was working last night, even though it was a little annoying and I took it off a couple times.

Anyway, I will report my progress here.

Re: working out - still not back on a steady workout schedule again but I do try to at least get 30 minutes of walking or other light exercise a day and I've been eating better.


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