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More jogging today

Got back into jogging after taking a week and a bit off. Did a little under 2km and jogged a fair bit of it (about 1/4 – 1/3 walking still). I know this isn’t much for most runners but for me it is better than nothing. I had taken a bit of time off from it because of upper shin pain. Probably due to my being overweight and not having great sneakers. I got some inserts for my running shoes that I will put in soon (forgot to do it this morning). Although I haven’t been jogging I’ve been finding other ways to exercise (helping people move, yard work, walking at work at lunch time with coworkers, etc). I will continue my daily walks at lunch with coworkers as every bit helps (it is also about a 1.7km route). Anyway, lets see if the shin pain returns. One massive benefit of jogging is the dog still loves it and now WAY better behaved on the leash than ever.

Weekend Activity Update

Did a goodly amount of gardening yesterday (shrub planting, yard clean up, etc.); enough to leave me feeling like I got some exercise (a couple of hours, anyway). Going to try to go for a jog later today even if it rains and will be helping to unload a large trailer full of house contents as well.

Jogging again, wow

OK, I did my basic little jog again. According to Google Maps, it is just about 1.2 km or so… NOT exactly a killer run but I am not exactly jogging the entire distance. I am probably jogging 50% or maybe a little more now. Once I can jog 100% I’ll extend the route or just extend it naturally as I feel like it. My usual walk is about 1.6 km which I do in about 20+ minutes at a walk. I hope to be jogging that without stopping fairly soon and extending it using the “loop through paths” method I mentioned in an earlier post. Lukie, my dog, is really enjoying this and is currently lying at my feet as I type this. :) I have never seen him as well behaved on the leash as when we are walking during the cool down at the end of the jog. He is a very energetic dog so this is a real treat. If you want to see how far you have walked or jogged, check this site out: The only thing is it doesn’t seem to do "off road” (e.g. paths in parks). If anyone knows

Jogged again!

Actually went for a second jog. This one went a little better than the day before but I am obviously not in shape. :) In my neighborhood there is a series of “blocks” (but residential) and each block has a path in the middle, between streets. You can use these paths to kind of loop around and really extend the distance you walk/run without leaving the area too much (great for getting back into running since you can just keep going but still get home fast when you’ve had enough).

Jogging – who knew?

WOW! I just went for a JOG! See I used to love running and at several points in my life have run regularly (daily or so) for months at a time. Every time I got into it, though, I would get injured or move or change jobs and it would get me off my routine. Then I started having health problems that made running uncomfortable to painful (back, hips, etc… I won’t go into details). Anyway, the other day I jogged between the two buildings and noticed there was NO pain. I mean, yes, I am out of shape but there was no joint pain. So today I took my dog jogging… Run for a minute, walk for a minute (or until I caught my breath), etc. Sweet. I am really looking forward to getting back into running. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Doodling – had coffee, can’t sleep

Tonight I wanted to spend some time with old friends who I don’t see much but I was tired. So I had a coffee around 9:30pm. A large coffee. I don’t really drink coffee much these days so I can’t seem to sleep. Doodling instead. Please note I am not “on something”, I just can’t draw very well, especially with a mouse in OneNote.