Jogging again, wow

OK, I did my basic little jog again. According to Google Maps, it is just about 1.2 km or so… NOT exactly a killer run but I am not exactly jogging the entire distance. I am probably jogging 50% or maybe a little more now. Once I can jog 100% I’ll extend the route or just extend it naturally as I feel like it.

My usual walk is about 1.6 km which I do in about 20+ minutes at a walk. I hope to be jogging that without stopping fairly soon and extending it using the “loop through paths” method I mentioned in an earlier post.

Lukie, my dog, is really enjoying this and is currently lying at my feet as I type this. :)

I have never seen him as well behaved on the leash as when we are walking during the cool down at the end of the jog. He is a very energetic dog so this is a real treat.

If you want to see how far you have walked or jogged, check this site out:

The only thing is it doesn’t seem to do "off road” (e.g. paths in parks). If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. I am going to try Google Earth and see if that works.


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