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Exercise: snow removal

Last night I played Badminton for about 90 minutes, tonight I moved 2 boxes and shoveled the driveway (5-10cm, I guess) for about 35 minutes.

Cool product - traveller's doorstop,104,53221&ap=6 Found this on Lee Valley's site while buying a nice metal compost bucket for our kitchen.

Shamwow - Vince as Lizard



I just realized that one of the reasons I like my job is that when I send out a document for consideration my co-workers don't respond with a list of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, instead they address the ideas in the document. This makes me happy. Grammar and spelling ARE important but so is cutting to the chase and getting some work done.


OK, I have been letting my physical condition drop a bit (ok, a LOT) in the last couple years because I have some problems with Rhuematoid Arthritis (at least that is the latest diagnosis) and some calcium deposits accumulating on my lumbar vertebrae and so on.  In general, I spend a lot of time feeling sore and uncomfortable. Moving around (esp. in the evenings) helps. Long walks, low impact cardio and strength training (esp. back and core) all help and I've tried to "do what I can" but I miss the high intensity of a Karate class and am not great at self-motivation. I stopped going to Karate a while ago for several reasons and my rheumatologist has advised me not to start again as impact causes more inflammation (I am not 100% convinced but she's the expert). Anyway, I am posting because I have once again (well, for the last week, anyway)  gotten back in to the daily exercise routine. I was doing really well for a couple months then I went away for a training cour

Eating poorly is easy

I have been slipping on my eating lately. This morning I actually went to McDonald's for breakfast (2nd time in two weeks). On both occasions (last week and this morning) I was in a hurry and so on and so forth. Still, no excuse. After I ate and got to the office I decided I needed to read the nutritional amounts of what I just stuffed into me (and is currently making me feel gross). I think I might start doing it before I go --- I'd like to stay I am never going again but realistically I'll probably go back. Because they screwed up my order again I got a basic egg mcmuffin and I actually only got ONE hashbrown intentionally (takes a LOT of self-control for me, alone in a car, starving, to just get one). Anyway, calories from JUST that 490, 23g of fat, 1110mg of SODIUM. Wow. OK, I think I am done with going there for a "quick breakfast". My "usual" of a sausage egg mcmuffin and two hasbrowns basically adds 280 calories, doubles the fat, and add