OK, I have been letting my physical condition drop a bit (ok, a LOT) in the last couple years because I have some problems with Rhuematoid Arthritis (at least that is the latest diagnosis) and some calcium deposits accumulating on my lumbar vertebrae and so on. 
In general, I spend a lot of time feeling sore and uncomfortable. Moving around (esp. in the evenings) helps. Long walks, low impact cardio and strength training (esp. back and core) all help and I've tried to "do what I can" but I miss the high intensity of a Karate class and am not great at self-motivation. I stopped going to Karate a while ago for several reasons and my rheumatologist has advised me not to start again as impact causes more inflammation (I am not 100% convinced but she's the expert).
Anyway, I am posting because I have once again (well, for the last week, anyway)  gotten back in to the daily exercise routine. I was doing really well for a couple months then I went away for a training course and when I got back I was done the daily workout for some reason -- and that was a LONG time ago. 
Well, for the last week (at least) I seem to have gotten back into it and am hoping to keep it up. Stay tuned. I feel better - the workouts hurt but so does everything else if I don't do them. 


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