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Wasting Time

Thing to work on: no more "down time" at work. I need to focus more when I am working... I need to stop changing gears, stop servicing requests that are not emergencies as if they are, and I have to stop doing non-work stuff during context changes. This is so that I can get more done in less time. Every time I check email, try to find a good recipe for ribs, or stop to get a drink I am trading time after work... I don't hate my job, I just have lots of non-job-related stuff I want to do and so I need to be more effective so work takes less time. I am the 5 trillionth person to feel this way. Please send my free toaster as soon as it is available.

Free time

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of time to do new, interesting, educational, fun, creative, beneficent, philanthropic, and/or personally gratifying things created by the following conditions: Not being immortal (as far as I know) Not being filthy, stinkin' rich (yet) Having to eat, sleep, and obey other biological imperatives (the fact that I can use my own body parts to do this stuff is somewhat uplifting) Lack of direction from extra-terrestrial overlords (once a decade is NOT enough) The almost glacial pace of the space program (see above; I'd come to you if I could) Lack of telepathy (at least when other people are around) 24 hour day (so archaic)

Good Storm Conditions Resource

If you live in Nova Scotia, this page might be useful to you for the next few months: