Energy is a funny thing. I have trouble sleeping through the night so I know all about energy highs and lows. Unlike a sound sleeper each day presents a new challenge for me. Sometimes I am well-rested and full of energy, alert, and responsive. Other days I am exhausted and spaced out (and ineffective). I have tried many things to get a good night's sleep but nothing seems to work. Even sleeping pills don't do much. I'll take them one night and get a good sleep, the next night, I'll wake in the middle of the night and other than being groggy it's like I didn't take anything. Ideally, I would have a job where I could nap, work when rested, etc. I actually do have a job like that but my lifestyle doesn't really allow me that freedom... I guess one day I'll figure it all out. The latest thing I'm trying is going to the gym and doing cardio/fat-burning exercises on the machines. Hopefully, this will exhaust me into sleeping through the night. I'm not holding my breath. One last thing: chemical alertness is not really useful to me. If I chug various stimulants (tea, energy drinks) I just get more scatter brained and restless. I have energy but it isn't focused. Life goes on. How do you get enough sleep?


Anonymous said...

I stay awake every night as long as I can eating and watching some TV on the laptop in bed until I don't even remember falling asleep usually... Usually wake up in the morning tangled in some sort of power cord and maybe lying on a plate of crumbs, but I almost always sleep through the night.

macdonaldster said...

I usually end up falling asleep that way (minus the eating) when I wake up in the middle of the night. I basically sit up and wait to fall asleep again and at some point I do. Sometimes it is like two minutes later, sometimes two hours.

LOL "tangled in some sort of power cord"