Annie Jacobsen interviewed by Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman Podcast: #420 – Annie Jacobsen: Nuclear War, CIA, KGB, Aliens, Area 51, Roswell & Secrecy

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Normally, not a huge fan of Lex as I find he can be kind of like a spaced out frat boy half the time and a little disrepectful to guests at other times. 
He does have interesting guests on from time to time, though, so I do continue to keep him sub'd in the old podcast app.
This was a really interesting exploration of the intelligence community and the UAP subject with Anni Jacobsen. She's been writing about the intelligence community for a very long time and has some really interesting perspectives. 
No, she won't tell you UFOs are real. If you think they are, that's up to you, but give her take a listen, it's very eye opening. 


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