Health and Fitness (what it's like having neither!)

Here are some health and fitness updates:

Moh's surgery 


  • After finding out I had basal cell carcinoma on my right ear, I had Moh's surgery. That was on Wednesday.
  • Now it's Saturday and I have had a cold since Friday morning.
    • No one else in my home has a cold.
    • The ONLY place I have been for over a week is that clinic, a pharmacy where the staff were masked, and a small convenience store near by to purchase a snack.
    • Anyway, I've got that going for me. I had a great nap today and it seemed to help.
  • For anyone dealing with post surgery wound care, I really would would say to check out this video:
    • Reviewing it let me really take care of the dressing on my own. I have incisions running in two directions as well as a central area where the actual tumor was so there's a bit of ground to cover. My dressing today went really well and it looks pretty tidy, considering I did it myself using a hand mirror for reference.

Dietary changes

  • I also started logging my food in MyFitnessPal. I have tried this in the past but tended to cheat or get sick of it. 
    • Typically, I'll get tired of weighing and measuring so this time I am guesstimating.
    • Typically, I'll cheat a little by not logging late night snacks or cheat meals so this time I am logging everything.
    • Typically, I'll get discouraged because I am not losing weight quickly enough, so this time I am focusing on the process of tracking my means and not worrying too much about what my weight is.
  •  What have I learned so far?
    • I tend to go out to the kitchen frequently during the day to eat little tidbits. Chocolate covered almonds, a slice of bread with butter, etc. These really add up and are just emotional eating. I don't need to do this.
    • A lot of my calories were consumed before bed in this uninhibited snack fest. I have stopped that now, and am planning out a snack that lands inside my calorie goal for the day.
    • Keto might be BS. I have lost weight using every conceivable method. I am leery of any "diet" which can lead to disordered eating. Eating a mostly normal diet (e.g. what you grew up thinking was healthy) has worked for me as long as I don't eat too much. Eating smaller portions, snacking less, and exercising might be the key here, people. 
    • So far, by understanding the times of day when I am really hungry and keeping my meals smaller when I am not has let me stay inside the lanes while still enjoying the food I like. I am eating way less butter, though. 
  •  Where is this going? I hope I stick with this until I have changed my thinking about food but I might be the type of person who has to always weigh themselves to keep myself honest. 
  • Why am I doing this? 
    • A lot of my health issues are exacerbated by being heavier. Think arthritis and general inflammation.
    • I have noticed a considerable lack of energy and difficulty with basic tasks that used to be easy. 
    • I have been working longer hours and so I am not getting my daily walks in. I can't eat as though I am getting lots of walking done and it's shown in my expanding waist line and increased weight.
    • I want to be here for my son's high school graduation at beyond.  




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