Wow, Monday was a write off... my back spasmed from Sunday night till I went to bed Monday night. Wasn't easy to deal with. Exercise was out of the question (besides, I was on the go till like 8pm).

Despite the insane back issues I slept well although I had to get up at 5AM. My day just ended with a workout (it is 9PM here, almost). Yeah, long day. But the workout felt good. I didn't want to let another day go by without one.

Did some push-ups, 30 minutes on the elliptical (first time I completed a 30 min program since I started exercising again!), and some time on the inversion table hanging upside down. I got in two sets of 5 crunches.

It still feels funny to do crunches on the inversion table (you'll only know what I mean if you try it... your gut seems to flex the WRONG way).

Anyway, I got my workout in although I am shy of a full 45 minutes. Time to watch The Biggest Loser. :)


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