Saturday workout

Stepping it up to 45 minutes/day. I got in 15 on the treadmill, 20 on the elliptical, and 12.5 on the rower... Going to do a set of push-ups now and I did some pull-ups under the treadmill before I got started. I also do arm circles for minutes at a time when working the treadmill at low intensities (if you've never done these just circle your arms while they are extended and keep doing it for several minutes reversing direction every so often --- feel the burn).

I had to stop the treadmill before the 15 minute mark as I was getting the pain in the hip joint feeling again (I will stop when this happens and I am hoping that will take a little longer each time).

The rower is good as it seems to be a full body workout including some back mobility and ab conditioning.


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