TODO capture tool

I use TODO list all the time for work and personal stuff. Even though it is super-easy to use I find the act of opening it to make a quick note can often suck me into reviewing my lists and next actions. I think I need to make a little tool similar to Launchy. Ideally, this tool would allow me to enter a project and a TODO item. It would then add this as a line item to a TODO list file (I guess it could search for an existing item called "project" and add the todo item as a child). Every so often I could review that list and move the captured items where they belong (so yet another inbox on top of email and my physical inbox). The idea here is that all I would see would be a couple of text fields... I type the item, hit enter, and am back to work. I think this would increase my over-all efficiency. Launchy and TODO list are open-source. I should be able to make this work. :)


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