Sleep -- nice

So the last three nights I have hit the sack at 10PM and risen at 6AM. That's 8 LONG hours of sleep. I have woken up at night, as usual, but go right back to sleep. Also, I seem to be in remission from a health issue that was causing a lot of back pain. The combo of a better diet, regular cardio at the gym, and all this sleep seems to be working. My hope is that I'll become more productive as a result of all this sleep. I was never really doing anything useful being up late or waking in the middle of the night and staying up. I might watch TV or surf the web but I wasn't crossing things off my list. The plan is really to spend 33% of my time in bed, the rest hopefully will become more productive as a result. I also plan to do less during the week when it comes to my personal goals; instead, I am saving these for the weekend. What I had been doing was trying to squeeze in an hour or so on a personal project (whether it was "check tire pressure and clean the car", or "build new XYZ software thingy") late at night instead of turning in early. This is obviously (now) counter-productive and actually feeds my sleeping troubles. I'll keep track of how well things go here. Oh, I also plan to "let myself" stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights so I don't feel like I HAVE to go to bed all the time. I should WANT to go to bed early... if things go well, I will hit the sack around the same time on weekends, too, but by choice.


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