Organize your hangers

Here is how I organize my closet. I'll use shirts as an example. In my closet I have short sleeved shirts, dress shirts, long sleeved shirts, and fleeces/hoodies. The dress shirts and fleeces/hoodies are few in number. They get hung on opposite ends of the closet with a few empty hangers on the inside of each... between them go tshirts on one side and long sleeved shirts on the other with lots of empty hangers between them. When I hang up laundered clothes I always put the clean shirts closest to the middle; short on one side of the empty hangers, long on the other. That way, I know all my favourite shirts are close the middle and the ones I never wear get shuttled off to the sides. Periodically, I can easily prune the outer shirts and either donate them or turn them into rags. There you go. This simple hack makes it easy to locate your favorite shirts and makes it easy to prune out those extra ones that accumulate in everyone's closet.


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