Selling on Ebay

Lately, and uncharacteristically, I have been buying things on eBay. It started out with a cable, that led to another cable, and now I am hooked. Next purchase? Who knows? Maybe some cheap, generic energy drinks? Or something nice for home defense? Anyway, it led me to thinking about how easy it would be to be an ebay seller. If only I had something to sell. I need to think about it. My domestic partner (to use a Friendster term) sometimes sells clothing on ebay. She might see something priced low at the store or maybe has tired of an outfit. She doesn't do it very often but I think it makes sense and is a great idea. OK, 10 second brainstorm of stuff I could sell: - my old GPS (Magellan 315 w. cable and manual) - used books? is that worth it? - dirty socks... - an instructional video on how to make the best pizza ever (actually, I plan to give that away for free here on the blog soon) Anyways, I'll think of something. Whatever it is I'll need lots of it and it better be cheap. Stuff + ebay + ??? = Profit


Carrie said…
If they sell this:

you can sell anything!

- your domestic partner
macdonaldster said…
That is so bizarre... gives me a good idea, though. :)

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