Sometimes things work out

We took the dog to the park tonight on the way to the grocery store... we didn't have his kong or ball to throw but we figured we could at least run him. It was cold out, windy, and a little damp but we wanted to get him out but were a little disappointed we didn't have anything to play fetch with. See the park is really a big baseball field and we like to run the dog as far across the field as we can. We have a small yard and when we walk him he doesn't get a chance to go wide open (he loves to run). Well, we got to the field and started walking around when I saw what looked like an orange ball off in the distance. I went over with the dog and discovered a perfectly fine ball which we then played fetch with till the dog was exhausted. We repayed the favour the park had done for us by leaving the ball, hopefully to be found by another lucky dog. The moral: sometimes, even when things aren't perfect, you just have to go for it; you never know when things will work out.


Anonymous said…
That reminds me of a time I went to the movies, but didn't have money for jujubes so I wasn't going to go, but decided to go anyway... Luckily, someone had left a bunch on the floor in front of my seat! SCORE! Next time I went, I spilled some popcorn to "pay-it-forward".
macdonaldster said…
Now, that is what I am talkin' about.

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