Rough night

Just an update re: my entry last night... Yeah, Celebrex might have helped but I still woke up with a crazy set of back spasms... I was yelping in pain when I woke up./ I ended up trying to sleep sitting up on the couch from 3am till 5:30 or so (up at 5:45). All in all, last night kind of sucked although I at least got to watch a few minutes of some show I can't remember before I nodded off (and this happened several times!) so I guess it wasn't all bad. :)

Very tired/sore today. Still not as bad as before Celebrex but definitely not the ultra-relief I was getting used to for the last week. If I continue to not get relief I'll try 400mg instead of the 200mg I am taking now (once a day w. dinner).


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