Celebrex - short honeymoon

Hmm, night two with Celebrex was not so great but not so bad. I took it right after eating instead of right before. We ate around 7pm. Around 9:15 I got back from a one hour walk with the dogs and a friend and my back was doing the usual spasm/ache thing it would after that. Not quite as severe, though.

Sleeping was difficult but much easier than without celebrex. I had a little aching/stiffness and was woken up once by muscle spasms but on the whole it was a walk in the park compared to normal. I also had an upset stomach. I noticed both times I took it that I spent the night running to the washroom (well two or three times). I can live with that if it means mostly pain free sleeping.

The doc said I could go to two capsules if one wasn't working so I think I'll try one again tonight and if it doesn't work I'll try two on Saturday night.