Celebrating Celebrex

Wow, here's to Pfizer...

As much as I have raged against pharmacorps trying to get us all hooked on their junk in the past, I have to say this stuff REALLY works. Or it worked last night, the first time I tried it, anyway.

My rheumatologist prescribed it to me yesterday and I took one with dinner, as suggested. It took an hour or more to kick in but didn't start wearing off till 3 or 4AM and even then I just had a dull back ache and mild stiffness compared to my usual circle of hell level of back spasming insanity. :)

So basically I got a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP. If you know me this will blow your mind. I was actually so excited at being pain free that I couldn't stay in bed and had to get up and move around the house for a while to calm down. Once I did hit the sack I was comfortable and pain free for the first time in years. What a relief.

I am hoping there are no issues with taking it re: my GI tract and I can keep my blood pressure under control. AND that it keeps working like it did last night. I'll post here with updates.


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