Sunday workout - walking the dog, pushups

Weekends are a time to relax and spend time with friends and family but you have to get some exercise too. On Sunday a friend and I walked the dogs for a little over an hour. That left me needing to fill in about 10 minutes of exercise since I discount walking as 50% for time and am working on 40 min per day as my new plan now.

To make up the time I did some stretching and some pushups. I am not ready to do normal push-ups in quantity yet so I use the stairs.

Placing my hands on the 4th stair or so I do 10 very slow reps (forehead to the stair above my hands). After 10, I move down to the next stair without leaving pushup position and do 5 more, then then next stair and do 5 more. My goal is 10 reps on each stair, 5 times. Eventually I will be able to 150 push-ups in the normal position and when that gets too easy I'll leave my hands on the ground but position my feet on the stairs and work them up through reps.


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