Monday Night - tired

Tonight's workout was a challenge. I didn't get around to it until around 9pm after a long day and very little sleep (lots of back pain) the night before.

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 20 on the treadmill. I kept my speed low on the treadmill (back hurts when I jog today) but did 12% for two minutes and reduced by 2% every 2 minutes through the workout (when I hit 0, I would push back to 12%).

Did some time on the inversion table. That thing is amazing. You have to work your way up to it, though. You can't just jump on and hang upside down with your heart pounding from the workout and stay there very long. You get more used to it over time.

Do an ab workout on an inversion table also takes some getting used to. I haven't done a real core workout for a LONG time. So it would be nuts to just start firing off reps even if I could (I have done it in the past and suffered for it). I'll work my way up slowly with a very small range of motion. It won't take long to be doing real crunches (raising hands to knees).


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