Easter Exermacise

So I missed a day. I normally take Friday off (or at least it will be "normally" once I have maintained this for a while but I want to workout on weekends (maybe more so). But I missed Saturday. I basically was out the door soon after waking and breakfasting (and cleaning the kitchen) and was on the go visiting and running errands till 10:30 at which point I was exhausted...

When I got home I was really too tired to hit the machines. I should have done it anyway but bailed. I DID walk for about an hour or more throughout the day but it was no cardio workout.

Highlights of today:

  • Stepped it up to 35 minutes (adding 5 more minutes a week till I hit 1 hour).
  • Did 20 min on the treadmill (jogging at 3.4 when I could and walking the rest of the time) and 15 minutes on the elliptical on some program I can only follow for about 8 minute before it out does me (I just keep going at the best pace I can).
  • Did some push-ups on my usual square but moved down to the next one for the last 5.
  • Set up my old inversion table and got upside-down till it started to hurt (or was it a stretch?). I am just about to research if that thing is good for me or not (sounds like it should be). If it is I will start doing crunches on it.
  • Been working on the exercises I got at Physio last week, one of which is a cat stretch (yoga thing) that feels really good after the cardio.

One more thing: looking into getting a chin-up bar with the goal of being able to do one well-formed, non-rushed chin up by my birthday (June 22).


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