Dog walking

Up until late Spring this year I walked my dog pretty much daily to exercise him and I. Over the Summer, my own health issues and various things that had to get done interfered with this and I stopped doing it (I feel bad about this). The result is I am in worse shape day to day and the dog isn't getting out enough (we always made sure to exercise him in the yard, take him swimming, etc. to replace the walks but it isn't the same).

I have recently resumed the walks (was out at 5AM this morning) and am feeling better and the dog is less rambunctious now, too. Since he gets better on the leash as he ages (he is a 90+ lbs. Lab crossed with AmStaff so quite a handful) I went out and got a 5m long leash (15ft).

The new leash is a ton of fun and give Lukie some freedom without being difficult to retract if I need to control or restrain him (I have tried those retractable leashes but I find the large, plastic handle annoying and the black line is easily tangled and so on... the long leash is much better).

Anyway, it is good to be walking him regularly and we are both able to enjoy the walks more thanks to the new leash.


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